This is a long dormant project of mine that is taking place on various media.

The aim is to create a completely freely imagined encyclopedia of colorful micro-living beings - on paper, digitally, canvas, as a sculpture and "in motion".


Hi, I'm Max Mahler and I work as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, motion designer and artist in Nuremberg.

I like creating beautiful things and exploring new worlds. My field of activity is freelance project work for totally different customers, low and non-profit work for art projects and my own projects for which I am "passionate".

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The "World of Amoebia"

Das ist ein schon lange schlummerndes Projekt von mir, dass auf verschiedenen Medien stattfindet.

Entstehen soll eine völlig frei ausgedachte Enzyklopädie von bunten Micro-Lebewesen - auf Papier, digital, Leinwand, als Skulptur und "in Motion".